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Partners Guide Means Business in Zambia

Partners Guide is the leading media platform for business and policy decision makers in Zambia.

Partners Guide Means Business in Zambia

Partners Guide is the leading media platform for business and policy decision makers in Zambia.

Over three years old, the business magazine distributes 10,000 copies quarterly through Parliament, Statehouse, Lusaka Stock Exchange, House of Chiefs, foreign missions, Kenya Airways Business Premier World on Zambian routes, corporate subscribers, high-end hotels and leading retailers nationwide.

Minister of Agriculture, Hon Robert Sichinga MP says, “It is a vital resource for business people and investors. It discusses economic issues and acts as a platform for businesses to discuss their offerings. It enhances the visibility of Zambian companies to clients and investors and encourages industry to discuss issues and find innovative ways of overcoming challenges.”

The magazine features the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry; Zambia Development Agency; ambassadors; chiefs and leading business figures in or connected to Zambia, all voicing opinions on economic development. Each edition has a Destination Guide on a Zambian location from a business, investment and tourism perspective and a Financial Guide produced by Pangaea Securities, Zambia’s leading investment bank.

Partners Guide is run by Zambian entrepreneur, Jonathan Kays and British citizen, Ray Willbern. Jonathan Kays has started numerous companies in Zambia and the DRC and has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Dublin City University. “Trade, not aid is critical to developing Africa and uplifting millions out of poverty. We encourage investors to Africa - there are profits to be made and those investments will reduce poverty levels.”

Ray Willbern has a background in Management Consulting in the UK. He has a Bachelor’s in Management Studies from the University of Nottingham and a Certificate of Mastery in the Economics of Global Poverty from MIT.

Ray Willbern says, “In Africa, you can escape the pigeonholes you find with business in Europe. There is less competition here; so much need and plenty room for innovation. With an idea in Europe, there will be numerous similar ideas, so your investment may not be missed, but in Africa it could be vital. You are born to help yourself and to help others. In Africa you can do both abundantly. Investing in Africa has a greater gain to society than investing in Europe. It’s not easy doing business in Africa, but if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Due to its position at the forefront of business in Zambia with contacts across all sectors, Partners Guide provides research and consultancy to investors looking to do business in Zambia and can link those investors with whatever they need to ensure their venture is a success.

It is the Partners Group, publishers of the Partners Guide’s goal to create 10,000 employment or wealth creation opportunities in Zambia by the end of 2015.

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Ray Willbern and Jonathan Kays